Hey, I’m Hailey!

For 22 years, I’ve been living life with a jump in head first kind of attitude. I’ve jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, driven a scooter through a Thai monsoon, and made chocolate from scratch in the Amazon rainforest. At the moment, my adventures are guided by my list of 30 adventures to complete before I turn 30!

What is Hailey’s 30 Before 30?

At age 20 I created a list of 30 things to accomplish before I turn 30 as a guide for experiencing the adventures on the top of my bucket list and also as a reminder to never let life be anything less than EPIC! Hailey’s 30 Before 30 is a blog for all you fellow adventurers and travellers out there. A place where you can find inspiration for your own bucket lists, travel guides for upcoming trips, and crazy adventure (and sometimes misadventure) stories that every adventurer can relate to.

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